Exclusive, Highly Curated Encounters with Top Luxury Houses
Showcasing the Stories and Savoir-Faire of Luxury Brands
Presented with a Passion for Storytelling and Heritage

Luxury is woven into the fabric of Paris as in no other city in the world. Haute couture fashion, high-end jewelry, fragrance, and fine gastronomic dining are synonymous with the Parisian lifestyle. 

But for visitors – those with the passion and the means – experiencing luxury brands in Paris has mostly been limited to the simple acts of shopping and eating at a restaurant.

Garnier Creations develops exclusive, bespoke encounters with luxury houses, which normally could only be possible for elite, established clients of those brands. We bring the philosophy of experiential travel to the often difficult-to-navigate world of luxury in Paris.

Garnier Creations works in close collaboration with luxury brands to develop once-in-a-lifetime experiences by showcasing the stories and savoir-faire of brands, but not forgetting the importance of meaningful human interactions. Many of the brands in our portfolio are generations-old family businesses, with legacies that go back centuries.

Above all, the Garnier Creations portfolio is filled with fascinating stories that we craft and share with a discerning clientele.

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